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Hi, I'm Amy!

I am a mom to 3 kids (11,8,5). I have been married to my best friend, Ryan for over a decade and we have been on an adventure since the day we said, "I Do!". 
During my beginning stages of motherhood, I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety. After years of self medicating with food, I was almost 50 lbs overweight, depressed, and not living a life I loved. 

At rock bottom, I found myself in my doctor's office admitting that I had actually considered the unthinkable. It was time for a change.

Over 3 years of working on my health and overall wellness, I am down 35 lbs and was inspired by my health and fitness journey to head back to school (I have a Master's in Education), to become a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. 

This type work is my life's passion and mission. I adore helping people find easy solutions to issues that can affect so many areas of their life. And most importantly, my passion for helping mamas find a healthy way of living life so they can be there for their family without exhaustion or burnout.

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