3 Easy Tips for Busy Moms to fit Self-Care into their schedule.

You are a busy mom who desires to fit a little more "me time" into your week. You understand that it's important to do and will help with the health goals you have. But when it comes time to finding time, you can't make it a consistent practice. At this point, you resort to short-term moments of relaxation like wine in front of the TV, the occasional massage, getting your nails done, and online shopping. While all of these aren't necessarily bad forms of self-care, there are different ways to practice forms of self-care that don't cost a thing and can leave you feeling healthier and happier. Let's dive in because today I am talking about 3 simple ways you can build in more "me time" that will leave it being a consistent habit!

Schedule it weekly. Often we wait until we are at our wit's end before taking some time to chill. But if you think of self-care as an appointment that will allow you to flow from a full cup, then keeping it a part of your week is going to be helpful. I often suggest to my clients to do a time inventory of their week and see when you have an open block that can be designated to be your "me time". After securing it with your partner ( make sure they have some "me time" too!) keep this block saved for anything you wish to enjoy. This isn't the time you schedule your yearly check-up, do the laundry while watching a show, or put on your favorite music and clean. This time is designated for that yoga class you really wanted to try, or a massage you desperately need, or even being outside in nature doing something you love.

Invest in a good routine. A lot of women I speak to don't have a morning and evening routine in place. And that can really see the tone of your day. You might not feel like a routine type of person ( I have heard that a lot!), but what I want to think about is what types of practices in the morning and evening can help you reduce your stress, allow you more patience, and provide you with more of the healthy lifestyle you are desiring. My morning and evening routines never look the same, but they both do the same thing: they are a well I tap into, to be able to be the best mom, wife, coach, friend, sister, etc I can be. I build this into my schedule by deciding what time I need to be awake and asleep and working 20 minutes into that time. Like I mentioned before, schedule it in and be specific. Here is an example of my morning and evening routines. They can change depending on what time I need to be awake, and some days I don't get to everything on the list. But the general routine stays the same.

Believe that you are worth the time. I think that there is a large number of women (especially those that stay at home) who believe that because they don't financially contribute that they aren't worth a time or financial investment. Or the busy working mom, who has so little free time that when she does spend it on herself, she feels guilty. Both of these are lies we tell ourselves based upon society's expectations that we are supposed to single-handedly do it all while being there for everyone else, but ourselves ( and please make sure to have a smile on your face whilst doing this circus trick!). It is madness and this expectation needs to stop for moms. I learned this lesson way too late in my motherhood journey, and I hope to help women not feel that dreaded guilt that comes with healthily pouring into themselves. Taking time for you to do the things you love, without an agenda, to-do list, or a child around is one of the best forms of love you can give yourself. Autonomy. It has taken me a while to get to a place where I could actually be alone with myself and not feel the guilt. Again, it's a practice and it requires hefty doses of Grace while you implement.

If working on these sounds completely foreign to you, you are not alone. When I began working on myself years ago, I have no clue what I was doing, I just believed deep in my soul that I was worth living a life that was full of joy and less of the stress and overwhelm I was feeling on the daily. My main role as a health coach is to help women create these systems so they feel less stress and have the tools they need to live a life full of joy, health, happiness, and abundance.

I hope this inspires you to make the changes to your self-care game so you are flowing from a full cup. And if you need any help I would love to hop on a call with you to help you make a plan for 3 goals you have in mind about your health and wellness. Schedule a call with me here. Or if you would like to take part in my EDIT: Healthy Habits Free Mini-Course, be sure to sign up and join The Holistic Edit Community for an added support along your journey!

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