3 Simple Hacks to keep any kitchen organized!

You want to start meal planning and prepping, but when you step into the kitchen you feel this overwhelming sense of dread. The kitchens you see on design and cooking shows leave you wondering how they keep it all clean and organized.

Not to worry! I'm here to share with you 3 simple tools that I find are effective in clearing the clutter and keeping the systems in your kitchen running smoothly. They are budget friendly solutions for keeping your kitchen clean, organized, and you not losing your marbles every day!

#1: First thing you need to invest in some simple baskets that can house the items you want to organize. Below are some suggestions that I have incorporated into my own home.

I love these baskets below! They look great with a monochromatic look or mixed together to warm up your space! Click the links below to shop!

  1. Small Stackable Potato Crate

  2. Wire Metal Pantry Storage

  3. Medium White Storage Basket

  4. XL Gray Weave Storage Basket

  5. Beige Weave Fabric 9 Piece Basket Set

#2: Storage Containers that can hide the counter top clutter, bring a cohesive look to your pantry, and be a multipurpose tool in the kitchen! ( Hello Mason jars that are food storage and also double as drinking glasses!)

Below are my go to storage options that I love using in my kitchen!

  1. Mason Quart Jars

  2. Large Natural Texture Canisters with Lids

  3. Glass Spice Jars

  4. Amici Latham Glass Jar

  5. Large Stonewear Food Storage Canister / Medium Stonewear Food Storage Canister

#3: A simple dish set that can double for numerous occasions and stand the test of time! I adore a simple neutral plate because you can always dress it up with some cloth napkins and a festive table scape, but also you want to be able to not have to worry if you want to replace a plate or mix and match to give it an eclectic look! Below I share my favorite dishes and pair it with some swoon worthy textiles that are super affordable! Shop the links below!

  1. Joss 16 piece dinnerware set

  2. Striped Napkin, set of 4

  3. Colleen 16 piece dinnerware set

  4. Dark Indigo Napkins, set of 6

  5. 12 pc Stoneware Avesta Dinnerware Set

I hope that these tips and tricks have helped you create a clean and organized, calm and serene environment within your kitchen so you can start cooking and creating healthy dishes for you and your family!

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