3 Simple ways to keep your kids healthy

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

With germs looming on the horizon and the temps getting cooler, we all know how this show ends: sick kids. It's tough on us busy mamas, because truthfully, sick kids is a bummer. There is no doubt about it. But even more so now, its important to keep those kids healthy and boost their immunity with a variety of foods that will fill them up and give them a ton of nutrition!

Here are three simple ways I boost my kids immunity during the colder months:

  1. Up their Vitamin C. During the winter months I often will have the small clementine oranges sitting on our kitchen table, as well as a variety of fruit at their reach. If you keep the foods you want them to eat at eye level, they will see it before the treats. Other foods to include in their diet are green and red peppers, strawberries, lemons, and dark leafy veggies.

  2. Hide the leafy veggies in a smoothie. I'd be hard pressed to find a kid that actually enjoys leafy veggies. There might be some, but the growing consensus seems to be...yuck! My kids included. This is why my kids have a smoothie daily that gives them the plant based protein they need, a great dose of healthy fats, pre and probiotics to boost their immune systems, and I can add some leafy greens to boost the nutritional value. I like to freeze mine ( spinach and kale) so that it blends up seamlessly in a high powered blender. To shop the nutritional shake my kids use daily, click here.

  3. Keep sugar low. Again, this might be tough to do with some kids, but its a process you can begin. We don't keep candy in the house, and treats are typically enjoyed only a few times per week in the house. Examples of treats that my kids enjoy are, homemade muffins that have chocolate chips added, good quality ice cream( 5 ingredients or less), and dried fruit, and small lollipops. I am not the mean mom who won't allow any sugar, but I do teach them about foods that work for their body or against it. And during the winter months, we know that sugar can weaken our immune system.

Other swaps we like to do is make 'nice cream' with our fav protein powder, make popsicles in molds using frozen fruit and 100% juice, and choosing quality ingredients over ones that we can't pronounce. It's not perfect, but its a way that our family chooses to fuel our body and give our body some nutritional benefits while also enjoying some favorite treats!

If you would like to connect to learn more about how to take steps to get you and your family healthier, I am launching a 2nd round of EDIT: Your Life Coaching program. To schedule a complimentary health consult, please click here.

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