Does the diet industry love to see you fail?

This is a controversial topic, primarily because there are so many sides to the notion of dieting and what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Not one diet works for all, and we know that, right? How how do you find the right diet/nutrition and fitness plan that works for you?

You've tried them all, the shakes, wraps, pills, coffees, and creams, claiming to take away the stubborn belly fat and cellulite. But have you ever thought about the root issues that are causing overeating, stress, and weight gain? When those are addressed and balanced then the food no longer is the problem. But weight loss, supplement companies, and even big-box gyms are selling you cheap ( ...and some not so) substitutes for something that the work of a health coach can help you overcome, once and for all.

D.I.E.T otherwise referred to as "Did I eat that?" is defined as "a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one's weight", specifically when mentioning the phrase, "going on a diet." Heading into a diet with an "I can't" mindset might work for some, but not many. You begin strong, willing to sacrifice the sweets, carbs, or fruit for X amount of weeks to see that number on the scale that you have been wishing for.

But two things will most likely happen:

1. You cave 7 days in and promise yourself you will start again.

( I like to refer to this as "The Monday Mindset")

2. You actually get through the challenge you set up for yourself but are cranky and miserable and the first thing you "cheat" with is all the treats.

I get that way of thinking because both of those use to be me. Until I found a way to stop that vicious cycle. And I can help you stop it forever too!

Imagine feeling confident in your food choices and seeing results, eating foods that bless your body, but also enjoys treats without guilt. Imagine eating foods that are rich in nutrients, color, and keep you feeling full AND watching the scale go in your favor. Imagine having the cookie and not feeling tempted by the other 11 sitting on the plate.

Diet companies, don't want this to happen. What I mentioned above is sustainable weight loss, not a quick fix. Quick fixes are what those companies want you to have because it keeps your dependence on them. This is how the diet companies work. They create a system that keeps you coming back because "it worked once, it can work again". And that mindset is what makes them millions, and makes you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and feel like nothing is working.

It's actually the definition of insanity, right? Trying something over and over again with the same result.

So why do we do them?

It's the truth! Because in the past, I too fell for the fast and promised results too! But what I realized over time was that I just kept coming back to the same old root issues creating overwhelm, stress, tiredness, and unsure about what to do.

You want the results you've had in the past, but keep failing when working to create the habit.

You desire to lose 10-20 lbs but you know that it will come right back after that 30 days is up. And you want this forever.

You want to buy more clothes for that vacation or this Spring but refuse to get them in the size you are now because you know you can serve your body better.

You used to be so good at movement and get it in 5 days a week, but since the kids went virtual, it's been a struggle to eat 3 balanced meals let alone get in a workout.

Mama, I hear you on the struggle that 2020-2021 has been for so many. I know that life has been unrelenting. However, I also know that we can do hard things. We were built for it. I mean, you went through labor, you're basically a superhero!

These struggles are exactly what we focus on in my 1:1 Wellness Coaching program EDIT: Your Life. I teach you techniques, tips, and habits that will create independence from all the fad diets and a better and deeper trust within yourself. I teach you how to break the patterns that haven't been getting you the results you want, teach you how to enjoy foods that are right for your body, and when you want to indulge, how to do that without guilt or shame.

If this resonates then schedule a free consultation where I will teach you how to lose the last 10 pounds for the very last time, and get back to feeling confident in your body.

Schedule a free consult here with me! Or click here to learn more about my EDIT: Your Life 1:1 Wellness Coaching Program.

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