Feeling stuck in your weight loss?

You started your health and wellness routine a few months back but the scale still is reading the same. You know that you are eating healthy during the week, and treat yourself during the weekend, but that can't be the cause of this plateau. You're frustrated and with the warmer weather approaching, you want to find something that will help, because this isn't working.

Bring on the tempting juice cleanse, fad diet, or that diet your cousin's best friend's mom did.

No girl, don't put that kind of stress in your life. I got you. Seriously. And it will last a lot longer too!

Busting through a plateau is something that takes a bit more discipline than just eating grilled chicken and salad every day, but if you still with it, I can promise you that your metabolism and body will thank you! Especially if you spare them the gross juice cleanse.

(P.S. That is what your liver is for. Eat real food!)

First, you want to make sure that your body has actually hit a plateau. There are many ways to measure progress besides the scale. So even though the numbers may not be moving (or maybe they're even increasing), check out your body measurements, how strong you feel, and how your clothes fit. You may have decreased your body fat percentage and increased muscle, and a regular scale won't measure that.

Here are some simple things to check out:

  1. Decrease calories consumed: The calorie deficit that worked for you in the past may not work now, remember you've lost weight, you might not be eating in that caloric bracket anymore. So try decreasing your daily calories by 100 to see how you feel. That typically means removing 1 small snack a day, or I like to replace it with a green veggie!

  2. Increase exercise: It may be time to step it up a notch and do an extra workout per week, lengthen your workout, or try a new workout. If you've been doing tons of weight training, add in some cardio or add 20 minutes of HIIT. Mixing things up can spark progress.

  3. Get moving: Moving your body will increase your metabolic rate, so if you sit all day, make a point to get up and walk around a few minutes every hour, take a walk during your lunch break, and have an after-dinner dance party, park the car a little farther. An easy way to track this is to look at your FitBit and up your steps by 500-1000 per day.

  4. Be honest with yourself: This is a big one! Are you sneaking half a piece of toast your kid didn't finish or the extra fries you grabbed from your spouse's dinner? All those extra bites can add up. Give yourself a week of following a meal plan ( grab my FREE 7 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan here!) and eat following a menu for a bit to give your body the ability to recognize its hunger cues and when it needs some water.

  5. Consider a break: If you've been "dieting" for a while, Give your body a break. Enjoy fresh fruits and veggies, and lean proteins. Enjoy complex carbs before 4 PM so that you can successfully lose weight in the long term.

  6. Talk to your doctor: Hormones could affect your weight-loss goals, so speaking to your doctor or having some tests done (full thyroid panel, for example) could rule out those issues.

Also to note, make these changes slowly and 1 at a time. That way you can see what is working and what can be thrown out the door ( like the gross lemon cayenne juice cleanse!). If you are a busy mom who is wanting to focus on her health and fitness habits and lose the last 20 lbs, I am the coach that helps you to shed that weight, with fitness that is fun, nutrition that is plant-based and simple to prepare, so you can be full of confidence in your body!

Schedule a free consult with me here! And I can help you with three goals to focus on over the next 30 days. And if you want some helpful and uplifting messages in your Facebook feed, join my FREE group where we share recipes, health tips, and I coach LIVE on Wednesdays.

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