Gathering gratitude.

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

In a year that feels like nothing has gone according to plan, how do you end the year gathering gratitude?

I became intentional with my Gratitude practice on March 13th, 2020. Funny date, because that was the exact date that my county had a water boil advisory for possible e.Coli contamination in our water supply. Not only were we worried about the unknown spread and effects of COVID-19, but we had to boil the water we washed our hands with. It felt very 1820-something, and I agreed then and there, had I been living in the time of the Oregon Trail, I most certainly would have perished.

But something about that morning, felt like I needed a shift. I needed to sit down and be grateful for seemingly obvious things, that up until that point, I had taken for granted. So I sat down with my new journal in hand and thought of 5 completely unfancy things I was grateful for:

  1. My health

  2. Virtual workouts

  3. Fresh fruits and veggies

  4. Slow Saturdays

  5. Clean water

You see, gratitude doesn't have to be this eloquent list that we come up with on the daily. It can repeat, it can be simple, and small meaningful things to you. But the habitual practice of it, is what is life changing over time. Each day I showed up to create my small list, I was forced in the best possible ways to slow down and think about what I had at that moment.

Most days, and especially in tough times, our brain can go toward the negative. What I lack: skills, money, time, strength, and the list goes on. But when practicing a new rhythm that creates a space for you to flip trials you face into positives, it can begin to shift your perspective on the lens in which you view the world.

Cheers to creating new rhythms that breathe life into your life.

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