Healthy Holiday Celebrations you can feel guilt free about!

It's such a magical time of year. I have moments where I have to remind myself that I do in fact, NOT live in a Hallmark movie, and that my life is very normal. My holiday game is strong with holiday scents, decor, activities, and food!

And sometimes that food is something I can quickly over indulge in. Do you feel me?

One thing I tell my clients that I work with is that you should be able to enjoy things like holiday meals, desserts, and beverages, guilt free. How does one do this? Don't fret, I am here to help. With a few simple strategies, I will help you to understand that its about balance, and taking time to create intentional moments of savoring the season, not inhaling it!

Eat before you eat. What? That doesn't make sense! Well, if you load up on a healthy plate of veggies beforehand, you are less likely binge on the decadent food that you will enjoy. You can still enjoy any food you want, just eat something before so your blood sugar levels aren't at an all time low.

Craving sugar and know the kids want to bake cookies? No worries! While baking, enjoy a simply make protein shake that taste just like a milkshake so you aren't tempted to dip your finger in the bowl. You'll save on unneeded calories and Salmonella! I, kid! And once those delicious treats are baked you will be full of the protein in the shake that you can enjoy one sugar treat and feel satisfied. For a month of my favorite Superfoods to keep you feeling healthy and full, grab them here! Need some for the kids? My kids never go a day without this Chocolate version that is perfectly formulated for kiddos!

Maybe sweets aren't the issue, its all the crackers, cheese, and WINE! ( or whatever beverage toots your horn this holiday season). I get it, this is one area that took me a long time to be intentional about. Building a cheese platter that has other healthy fats included in it, like olives, nuts, and hummus is a great way to not go on cheese overload. And adding in nutrient dense veggies like cucumbers, zucchini, celery, and carrots. Crackers are a great addition too, just opt for the whole grain and/or gluten free options made with brown rice or nuts/seeds. When it comes to beverages, stick with options that aren't super sugary. It will help you enjoy more, and not have such a headache the next day. If you love red wine, enjoy that but have a glass of water in between. If you enjoy hard seltzers, cut them with regular seltzer to enjoy the same flavor. It will help you to space out your beverages, but not feel deprived.

Bottom line: When you are fueling your body well, the one off Holiday celebrations are something that you can actually savor more. I used to leave parties feeling so guilt ridden, or eat a bunch of cookies because I hadn't eaten all day and let myself get too hungry, and truthfully its because I knew I wasn't serving my body well in the first place.

I had always desired change and every time I would seek it out, I would get overwhelmed by all the options: eat this, not that, work out like this, or remove this food group and lose the last 10 lbs. Feeling overwhelmed would send me straight to pour myself a glass of wine, a bowl of sugary cereal, and plop myself on the couch to watch some mindless TV to numb out. I was in indecision mode.

Friend, making no change is a choice too.

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Until next time! Have a safe, healthy, and happy Holiday season!

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