At home workouts DO actually work!

More like a BEFORE and DURING, because there is NO WAY I am giving up my simple and easy routine I've created from home that allowed me to lose 35 lbs and keep it off. This habit has allowed me to start my day off with a full cup to flow from, and I have not had to step foot in 1 gym since 2018.

There are all types of programs out there that you can do, all competing for your attention. And whatever you do, if you are consistent with it, it WILL work!

I find it interesting that everyone who knocked my home workouts, now has a stationary bike parked in their living room, but that is besides the point. Whatevs, #hatersgonnahate!

I think what scared people away from the home workouts was a few things. Mostly preconceived notions that when you joined me you had to sign up for the total package, shakes and all, and that's just not true. There are a lot of Beachbody coaches out there who aren't in it for YOU and it shows. Although, I adore those Superfoods and drink them daily, if they aren't your thing, I totally get it! I am in the people serving business and for me to feel you, you need to feel good about what you are signing up for.

Allow me to share with you some programs that changed my thoughts on home workouts, because I used to feel the same way about the results I could get, doing this all at home. I thought I needed the fancy gym equipment, or time away from my kids, or the perfect matching activewear attire to get the results that I would see on social. When in reality that shit was just delaying my actual results because I was taking my sweet time getting started.

Once I got to work, I realized that the thing standing in the way of my success the entire time was me.

So what were the exact things I used to lose 35 lbs AND keep it off? I am going to share with you here!

April 29 2018: I committed to 80 Day Obsession and Timed Nutrition. I kept it super simple for the nutrition and planned when I was going to work out. Prior to this, I had been attending a local gym for Zumba and Yoga ( 1 day/week each). This program challenged me, but eventually changed me and my mindset. I was sold on lifting ( I used 5s, 8s, and 10s), what it did for my mind, and what my body was finally capable of doing. By July 2018 I had lost 30 lbs and ate carbs every day.

July 2018: My husband was front row to what I had just done and was interested in trying it for himself. He wasn't totally convinced on home workouts just yet, so he would still go to the gym, here and there, without a plan. He followed this program with me, with no strict diet in place. By September he had lost 40 lbs.

September 2018: We loved working out together and felt like lifting was where my body was responding best. So we did LIIFT4 together. I 4 day a week lifting program that combines lifting with short bursts of cardio and daily core. You can build in what they call Active Rest Days, but I was really enjoying the 4 days a week, so that is all I did. I went back to Timed Nutrition, eating every 3 hours and it allowed me to really create a good system in my body. I was feeling good and strong AF!

November 2018: I decided to try Transform 20 which a 20 min step program. This program was a tough one for me, because cardio has never been my thing. There was no lifting and after 6 weeks of it, I had decided to go back to LIIFT4. It just felt better and I was more inspired to keep going.

By this point I had been working out for a consistent 6 months! And you see my results. In that time, I still ate ice cream, nachos, drank wine, and enjoyed 2 servings of carbs daily. My diet was never restrictive, but it was always about moderation. I ate clean most of the time, and enjoyed treats a few nights a week with my family.

I repeated this process over and over again, completing a program that I felt interested in, and eating clean 80% of the time. That is it! I found a rhythm that worked for me, and I kept it going.

Sure there were times during the last two years that I was out of sync. For instance, I went off depression medication in August of 2019 and found that by the winter, I needed to go back on again. That took a little toll on my health journey. I was forced to slow down and recognize that my mind was the priority at that time.

This year has also thrown some curves, where I am focusing less on weight loss and more on balancing my hormones as I am beginning to show signs of perimenopause. This means that I can still do weight lifting programs, but I need to couple it with rest days and lots of stretching, on top of cleaning my diet up to 90% clean food. Which speaking honestly, can be tricky some weeks.

But its all about balance. And my mindset now about my health journey looks so different than when I went into it way back in April of 2018.

And yours will too! The goals you have for yourself now will morph and change over time. The things you accomplish will be met, and new goals and ambitions will take their place. Things that seem important now, won't be so in 6 months to a year from now. It is part of the process.

There is so much that comes with building a workout routine. But the one thing I can say with full confidence is that working out at home has removed so many excuses that I was letting get in the way of my success.

Do you ever think that:

- "I can't work out from home because the kids are there, my spouse is always around, I'll never have the time."

- "There is so much to do at home, I'll never stop and actually DO the workouts."

- " I would, but I've done this in the past and stopped after a few weeks, I don't know how to build a consistent routine."

I know those feelings because they were thoughts I believed too! But once you create a why, and have a plan, then what could possibly be stopping you from getting what you want?!

My EDIT: Your Life program addresses these issues. We focus on building the habit of fitness and nutrition. We dive into the WHY of your changes and I work with you on goals that you will consistently be achieving. If you are wanting to schedule a call with me, click the link to connect with me HERE!

And if you are wanting to grab a free trial of these programs, you should click here, and select the 3 month option to get 2 weeks free! If you grab that email me and let me know you did so I can set you up with my getting started guide and a free meal plan to give you the best start!

I believe in you, but most importantly, YOU need to believe in you. Your desire for change and how you want to live is the fire for getting you through the hard times. Change is hard, and staying the same is hard. And you just have to choose your hard.

I am here for you when you are ready to make that change friend! xo

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