How to lose weight and keep it off?

You are searching for all of the quick and simple ways that will effectively allow you to lose weight before the summer is in full swing. You are ready to cut all the carbs, drink the tea, fast for days, just as long as you get to that goal number before the community pool opens or that beach vacation begins.

But last year when you did this you got so close and then by mid-summer, you were back to your starting weight again. Frustrated, overwhelmed, and lacking confidence in your swimsuit you vowed to never make this mistake again.

It's about to be summer and all the fad diet programs and companies are spending their marketing budgets on you to get sucked into their quick fix.

Truth time friend.

If you don't fix the system that you have going right now, the solution you are trying to throw at it won't ever work long term.

Cutting out your favorite things, pushing your body to its extreme limits, and restricting foods is not a long-term solution. Because what happens when you go out for the ladies' night, or date night, or just want to have some tacos? You crash and burn, and FEEL like a failure.

So here is my advice. This is the way that I have maintained my weight loss, built muscle, and kept to the same size clothes for the last 3 years. I don't restrict myself, I fuel my body well, and incorporate movement that feels right for me. Simple, easy, and effective. So how do you do it?

  1. DON'T RESTRICT YOURSELF: I teach my clients how to do this, by building in the foods that they love, and creating a more nutrient-dense option when enjoying sweets and other treats. Restrictive mindsets teach us to " I can't have that..." Then, all we think about is "that" thing. Instead of thinking about what you can't have, make a list of the enjoyable things you CAN have.

  2. FUEL YOUR BODY WELL: This means that you should eat for nutrients and focus on fueling your body with colorful foods, not counting calories, and trying to sneak in treats that are low in points or calories. Those don't serve you well at all. I teach my clients to choose foods that are going to keep giving their body nutrition rather than contributing to the problem of inflammation or weight, just because it tastes delicious. I also stress that this should happen 80% of your week, not 100% because that is not real life.

  3. INCORPORATE MOVEMENT THAT FEELS AMAZING: And yes exercise should feel amazing, and no I used to loathe exercising. Does this mean every workout is going to feel awesome and leave you skipping and smiling into the day ahead? Haha nope! But finding a workout that you can look forward to, that challenges you in a healthy way, and allows for you to work to improve is the goal. How do I help my clients achieve this? I ask them a series of questions that get them thinking about the time and goals they have... and then I make simple suggestions and we work from there. Start your search by getting out and walking a few times a week and see how your mood improves. Take a yoga class and connect with some friends once a week. Don't be afraid that you will bulk by lifting weights. It actually helped me lean out in the beginning of my journey!

I hope that this helps you in your start of losing weight. Focus on the habit and creating consistency rather than the quick 10 lbs off. Playing the long game in your health and wellness will not only leave you shedding the weight but keeping it off for life.

I am THE natural health coach for busy moms who want to stop the fad dieting and lose weight for good, by using fruits and vegetables, water, movement, and bringing balance to 12 key areas of your life. Schedule a call with me HERE or get information on my program HERE!

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