How to LOVE YO'SELF healthy!

There has been a lot of workouts, clean eating, and mistakes between these two pictures. The left, taken in 2016, I was 6 months post partum with my youngest, and begrudgingly supporting my husband on his weight loss journey. The right, taken 4 years later and celebrating 3 years of eating clean and moving my body at home. No gym or crazy fad diets. Just simple workouts and 80% clean whole food.

I am reminded of that saying, "All good things take time."

And that pretty much sums up my wellness journey. It took me time to find what worked for me. And the same will hold true with you. If you want quick results, choose any weight loss program out there and follow it. But if you want lasting results, then you need to take the time to find what serves you and what doesn't.

My purpose helps women shed overwhelm and lived loved in their skin.

That is one of my affirmations for my business that helps me when times feel trying.

I love my body for what it carries me through, and how strong I have become.

That is one of my personal affirmations for when the inner mean girl sets in. She has learned her place in these recent years.

Why am I sharing these with you?

Because an "I am..." statement is the cornerstone of your success. How else are you going to combat the tough times?

How are you going to ensure that when poop hits the fan, life feels overwhelming, and every sign points to "girl, give it up", that you can keep going?

TIP #1: Affirm WHO you are and WHAT you want to accomplish!

How you start your day matters.

I used to say all the time, "I'm just not a morning person."`

I was making excuses. And guess what? They weren't serving me well.

What is NOT serving you well?

- waking up and rushing out the door

- no time to make a nutritious breakfast

- putting off the start day of your new routine

- pressing snooze

- telling yourself that once life calms down you'll start

- telling yourself that you are "too busy"

TIP #2: The excuses aren't serving you in the goals you want. If you want the goals, you need to be committed to going after them, whatever it takes.

Creating a morning and evening rhythm is one thing that I coach my EDIT: Your Life clients on first thing. Together, we create a routine that feels sustainable and hits on the goals you desire.

And speaking of excuses. There is someone you need to break up with: your inner mean girl. Kindly, tell her to STFU. Seriously. She is holding you back from so much freedom. And I know the things she whispers to you, because she whispers the same stuff to me:

"Your body is never going to look like it used to."

"Why do you even bother, no one cares..."

"You can't possibly work out, your kids need a present mom!"

"WHY even bother meal prepping, you know you are just going to get take out..."

"Ew, you probably won't even stick with it."

"Ha, I'm sure you just gain it all back!"

"You're so busy, how are you ever going to find the time...Come on, really?!"

"Your acne is so bad, you don't look healthy."

"Ew, you should totally use a filter."

Ummm, girl bye. ( refer to the GIF below on the way I handle my Inner Mean Girl)

You have never had anything construct or nice to say about me, and frankly, I do my best work without you.

So how can you silence her, when you are feeling the lowest of the low? Because that is her FAV place to get cozy!

TIP#3: I have found these ways help:

1. When you have a negative thought come in, write it down. When it gets on to paper, often times you can see how ridiculous it is and move on.

2. Know your worth. This comes through consistently reading books that help you tap into your mindset. Some of my favs are Own Your Everyday, Uninvited, and Untamed.

3. Move your Body, Change your Mind. This simple phrase has changed my life and allowed me to demote my inner mean girl to the back seat! Moving my body each day, for at least 30 minutes has done incredible things for my depression and anxiety and the negative thoughts that loom over.

And for goodness sakes, get some rest!

How are you expecting your body to shed the weight in a healthy way, get more energy or find time for that self care, if you are running on fumes?!

I know, I can hear you...

"But my ( kids, job, dogs, cats, 2nd cousins sister's neighbors kids) just keep me so busy, I can't find the time to rest."

Then MAKE the time!!!

TIP #4: Schedule in your rest time!

This one took awhile for me to catch on with! Whoops! But don't learn the slow way, like I did. Pick one day of the week ( I enjoy Sundays) and sit down with your planner of choice ( I like my Plum Planner!) And build in your time to REST and RESTORE. That means when you will go to bed, when you will wake up, and the movement that your body needs to reach your goals and feel good. Schedule it in like it is an appointment you are attending. Then think of the cancellation policy for yourself. What is the agreement you will make with yourself if that appointment is missed. Up the game with yourself!

If you have been feeling tired from the starting/stopping rhythm on your wellness journey, allow me to help you with my 1:1 Wellness Coaching program called EDIT: Your Life. Contact me here for more info on how the program could help you and the goals you desire to achieve.

And if you want to be a part of The Holistic Edit Community on Facebook, feel free to join here. You can have the opportunity to begin your wellness journey with book clubs, recipes, mindful tips, and much more to support you!

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