Thinking myself healthy! How sustainable weight loss happened once I embraced myself.

I used to workout to get to my "goal weight". And when I got there...guess what?

I was still depressed and anxious.

I stopped focusing on the "goal weight" over a year ago, gained 10 lbs and feel more confident in my skin than I ever have in my life.

How did I achieve that?

Because I stopped caring about what other people think about how I approach my wellness journey. I was guilty of believing that I had to keep getting stronger, thinner, and healthier. I never gave my body permission to go through seasons, like we all do. Once I shed that guilt and embrace my journey, the joy in moving my body came alive again and I felt strong and healthy!

I wore the two piece because the "goal weight" no longer existed and the confidence was increasing! I no longer cared what people were going to say, because when I really thought about it...they truly didn't care! They were way more worried about themselves.

I knew my husband was going to love me whether my mom tummy was there or not. Here's the truth ladies, our spouses are attracted to us...ALL.THE.TIME. It's our thoughts on ourselves that seems to stand in the way. It's our thoughts that keep us from the lives we WANT to fully live.

The lack of confidence we carry in the bedroom, at the pool, wearing the jeans, or the new workout pants, starting the new fitness routine, or taking time to meal plan... its OUR thoughts about ourselves that sabotage our story.

I created this story in my mind that IF I looked a certain way THEN I'd... happy.

...wear the two piece. more intimate with Ryan. more successful in my coaching business.

The things I was thinking about myself were way more toxic than actually just living life being WHO I AM. I realized that I had a choice.... I could continue to think negatively about myself and be skinny, or change my thinking of what I thought "should be" and be happy and healthy. I could continue the unhealthy relationship with food, or fix it, once and for all, and feel better in my body. I could keep piling things on to my "to do" list and keep stressing myself out, or I could think about my "best yes" and commit to what I know my mind and life had time for.

I thought fitness was this all or nothing thing, and that I had to approach it with everything in me, or it wouldn't work. What I didn't realize was that I just had to be consistent. I had to show up, in some way or another and just give it a try. One day at a time. One step at a time. And another thing that happened was that my body, just like everything in life, went through seasons of fluctuation...and that is perfectly alright.

I can't tell you how good it feels to live each day in a purpose and on a mission to help other women live in their purpose too. If your goal is to shed weight, then how do you plan to do that? If your goal is to eat better than how do you plan to do that? What are the things you are going to tell yourself each day? What agreements are you making with yourself so you don't quit 1 week, 1 month, or 3 months in?

My one bit of advice.... be you gal. Celebrate the extraordinary person that God created you to be, and own it! Step up to the mirror and look at the beautiful creation that looks back at you. You are miraculous work of art sister... don't forget that. Your journey isn't supposed to look like anyone else. It's designed just for you... embrace that road and if you need help along the journey you should join The Holistic Edit Community, where we focus on mindset and getting specific about making a plan!

And if now is your time to make the changes in your weight, health, nutrition and feel better mind and body, then I invite you to book a call with me to see if my 1:1 coaching would be a fit to help you achieve those goals in 6 months!

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