Increasing Body Confidence.

Before I share 3 tips with you to begin increase confidence in your body, I want to say a few things. First, these suggestions are based on my experience in my own health journey and the work I do with my clients as a coach. The best thing that works for you will be the one that you feel more comfortable with. So take these suggestions as a way to explore your own journey towards self-confidence and empowerment.

I got skinny.... like my lowest weight since children skinny. And after 80 days of working out, I looked like I wanted to look, but the crazy part was, I didn't feel like I expected to feel. At times, I still looked in the mirror and saw the same girl from Day 1. My body confidence was not that drastically changed. So I knew I needed to do something about it because you can "look" good to the world from the outside, but "feel" like crap on the inside. Skinny doesn't equal healthy and skinny also doesn't equal confidence.

Flash forward to a few months later, where I cut down the number of days I was working out from 6 days to 4 days, and my hour-long workouts were cut to 30-40 minutes. My body needed this, and I was able to pack on some muscle. Here I felt my strongest, but at this time, I was back on depression medication and dealing with some anxiety, so I was not feeling mentally my best. About 6 months after this picture was taken, I decided to go off my hormonal birth control and had been off depression medication and feeling good in my skin.

Flash forward to last summer. This was me about 15 lbs more than the last two pictures and eating more food. Although I was dealing with some hormonal fluctuations, I felt amazing and confident in my skin. Why? Because I was doing what felt right and good for me. I wasn't crazily restricting calories, I was doing workouts I loved that weren't crazy long, and I freed my body of hormonal birth control that I had used for the majority of my life.

So how did I gain confidence while also gaining 15 lbs back? By following these 3 simple methods/thoughts during my entire health journey. These methods are what I coach my clients around and the foundation of my EDIT: Your Life wellness coaching program.

  1. Does this serve you? When dieting became restrictive and I had negative thoughts surrounding it I would ask myself this question. When I became obsessed with the scale and that number rather than how I was feeling, I would refer back to this one statement. A lot of things can be "good" for us to do, but in the long run, getting real with yourself on whether something is really a priority in your life will allow you to take some unnecessary pressure off yourself in your journey, and bring some joy back in.

  2. No deprivation allowed. I used to restrict myself from celebrating with food at parties, or girl's nights, or even with my own family. And I soon realized that depriving myself was creating a negative relationship with food, and bleeding into the confidence I had in my body. So I created a tool that I use and show my clients that allows for you to enjoy celebrations and still fuel your body with healthy and delicious food, and also leave room for dessert too!

  3. Trust yourself. When I began on my own health journey, I looked externally for the answers and validation on whether I was doing it "right". And I see so many women who come to me and have done the same thing. For our whole lives, we are never taught to trust ourselves when it comes to food or fitness. We never tap into what signals our body is telling us when we eat or when we move. We use food/fitness as a reward/punishment tool for our body rather than a tool that can give us significantly more and abundant life. So over time, I began to see this pattern within my own self and create techniques that I use with my clients today. Trusting yourself and seeking validation inward will always point you in the most peace-filled right direction.

If you are reading this, wondering how to implement all of that, I want you to know that I can help. In my 1:1 wellness coaching program, we focus on the root cause of your weight gain and low energy. We find healthy and sustainable ways to lose weight and increase your movement, so it becomes a habit that you will have for life. I work with you each week to hold you accountable for the goals you've set and help you map them out, so you reach them. You leave the 6 months feeling better in your skin, knowing exactly what your body needs and how to keep the weight off for GOOD!

CLICK HERE to schedule a free consult with me to learn how EDIT: Your Life can work for you and your health goals. And be sure to join The Holistic Edit Community over on Facebook. And if you are interested in any of my offerings, please visit The Holistic Edit to learn more about my course offerings and freebies!

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