Simple, easy snacks that help with weight loss.

You are busy and on the go and need some simple healthy snacks to keep you feeling energized and working towards those health goals, not moving farther away. I get it! As a busy mom, I work hard to eat as healthy as possible, but when I am not prepared and out and about, I crave all the tempting snack foods.

I knew I must not be the only busy woman struggling with this, so I decided to compile 5 of my favorite snack options to share with anyone who is working on building a healthy habit! Below are the top options I choose each week to stick to keeping myself focused on eating for energy, nutrients, and fueling my body well!

  1. Fresh fruit, veggies, and nuts: This is nature's ultimate 'fast food'! I love easy to grab options like mandarin oranges, apples, bananas, peppers, and cucumbers. These are easy to wash and eat just so, with no need to chop or prep. I love pairing them with something sweet or salty like almonds to give myself the sweet/salty mix. I adore almonds and love these grab-and-go packages, and keep them in my car so I always have a healthy option to grab. The cocoa dusted ones are amazing! Or I also enjoy the lightly salted ones to make sure I am not having too much sodium in my day. If almonds aren't your thing, these Pistachio packs are amazing! The Chili ones are a road trip staple of mine!

  2. Protein drink and fruit bars: Some times I really want something fruit and chewy, and the options for those are typically very high sugar. I love these mini fruit bars beacuse they are only two ingredients, Non-GMO and provide plenty of nutrients from the dried fruit. I like to pair it with a simple protein like hard boiled eggs, or a serving of Shakeology. Shakeology is a staple for me because its so much more than just a protein powder. I have actually replaced my probiotic and a lot of other health supplements, because I take this daily! You can sample it here, which is a great way to have it as an afternoon snack. Plus, its low glycemic, which means its great for diabetics and those who are watching their sugar intake. I blend mine most of the time with some almond milk and ice. If Shakeology doesn't work for you, there are other options like these protein drinks that offer plenty of good plant based protein without any questionable ingredients.

  3. High protein/low carb options: My husband loves these as a quick snack. He pairs them with some snap peas, cucumbers, broccoli, or carrots for an easy on the go snack. I love how they are made with grass fed beef and use very simple and clean ingredients. Grab a variety pack here! Or just go ahead and order my favs which are the Hatch Green Chile!

  4. Chips and veggies: Choose multigrain and high quality chips that contain flaxseed, or organic corn. If you are a salt snack person, this variety pack is really good and made with chickpeas! Non-GMO and packs a great punch of protein for a snack! I love having these with some carrots and dip both in some guac!

  5. Fruit and and an energy bar: This is a fantastic option for a quick breakfast before a workout, or a late afternoon pick me up when you are feeling tired! I love drinking my Energize ( sampler pack linked) for a morning workout, but some people like to have a little something to eat before they get moving. These Verb Energy Bars are SO good for only 90 calories, and with 65mg of caffeine from Green Tea, its a great way to kick off your sweat session or for a late afternoon pick me up! You can get $10 off a Starter pack here, which comes with 16 bars!

Bottom line: Snacking doesn't have to be tough and if you are prepared on the road with the right options, you will WIN all of the time. I hope that these snack suggestions and links help you along your journey. Remember that it is not about perfection, but building in those consistent habits that you want to achieve.

If you are ready and committed to work on some goals focusing on better health, maybe to eat for more energy, learn to meal prep like a boss, or lose some weight that has stuck around for too long, I would love to have a consult with you about how y EDIT: Your Life program can help you to get your goal in 6 months! With my simple approach made for women with busy lives, you can implement these habits to stick so you can succeed.

Schedule a consult here! Or if you want to just get some info on the program, I am happy to send some info over to your inbox! As always thank you for being a part of everything I create, and I would love to welcome you to my FREE community on Facebook where I share tips, coach LIVE on Wednesdays, and share some yummy recipes that I experiment with in my kitchen! Join The Holistic Edit Community today!

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