Thrive during the holidays.

This isn't another post on how to survive the holidays, combating sugar, booze or relatives. No this is meant to show you the steps to take on how to leave 2020 just the way you wanted to: Strong, healthy, and happy!

How many of you have ever thought to yourself, if I could only just feel the way I wanted to feel when I went into this never ending year? Yep... a lot of you. And it's not uncommon. This year took it out of me! You are not alone in looking at the last 60 days of this year and wondering what goals you did accomplish.

But what can you do in these next 60 days to leave 2020 feeling happy, healthy, and strong?

Here are my top 10 countdown to 2021 that I am practicing this holiday season to bring MORE joy, MORE contentment, and MORE health!

10. Drink 8 oz of water before each meal. Keep it simple. Don't carry around a enormous jug. Just be mindful of getting in 8 oz before each meal, and you will be more hydrated, eat less, and on your way to hitting those health goals.

9. Slow the scroll. I work on social media for a living so I get it, the scroll is tough and it can get you when you least expect it. That is why I schedule in times to scroll and catch up with what my friends are up to. Some social platforms even have a timer you can turn on to limit you social media mindless scrolling. I set my Instagram for 30 minutes a day.

8. Schedule it in. Yep, I schedule in almost everything... including FREE TIME. Treating it like an appointment so that you know when you have time for YOU and the things YOU love.

7. Move your body. I make it a point to move my body every day. I don't always get 10, 000 steps, but I am pretty darn close. I opt for walks on a beautiful day, or do a quick at home workout when the weather is colder or rainy, but I never miss a chance to create movement.

6. Eat 1 green food daily. With all the tempting chocolates, sweets, and cheesy appetizers on the horizon, I have been super mindful about including one green veggie a day( ... bonus if there's more!). For me I love adding kale to soups, collards to my smoothies, or spinach in my eggs in the morning. Sometimes if I am in a rush, I will eat a cucumber on the go. Its the best fast food there is!

5. Get some Zzzzz's. I set an alarm on my FitBit to remind me to start to wind down. This starts at 7:30- 8:00 p.m. most nights. I put away technology and usually try to read and enjoy some herbal tea. Setting the stage for a good night's rest allows your body to stay healthy during the cold winter months, and keeps cortisol levels low which comes from added stress.

4. Do something you love. Are you a total fan of Hallmark movies? Do you love making holiday cookies with friends? Maybe you enjoy driving around and looking at all the lights? Then make that a habit. We love to use Friday nights as our nights to do something holiday-ish as a family...whether that is making cookies, watching a family friendly holiday movie, or sipping on hot cocoa while driving around in our PJs to look at lights ( this is our fav!). And make it an activity you can look forward to!

3. Give the gift of time. This might seem counterproductive during the holidays, and we are all normally so busy during this season anyway. But giving your time to a charity or good cause can really do wonders for your spirits. Find a community center that is collecting goods for a food drive. Maybe an elderly neighbor needs help wrapping presents. If you are in the Charlotte are, is a great cause to look into for spreading holiday cheer!

2. Be a secret St.Nick. Give someone a gift without them knowing it was you. My love language is gifts so I love giving someone a secret gift for them to enjoy and lift their spirits.

....and the #1 thing to do to THRIVE this holiday season: Practice Gratitude. It is free and will leave you counting your blessings more than your to-do lists. Gratitude has single handedly helped me cope with anxiety and the stressors of 2020 more than anything else. I now have a journal FULL of gratitude that I have completed almost every day, and looking back it has been one of the greatest things I have created in 2020.

Are you looking for more personalized help toward your health goals? I would love to help! Schedule a time to chat 1:1 with me and see if my EDIT Your Life program might be just the program you need.

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