Why fad diets don't work.

You are ready to start eating healthier and working out and look to Google to find yet another diet that will surely this time be the one that sticks. After committing to a plan, seeking out all of the cheat options that are "approved" and convincing yourself that coffee and wine will be fine in moderation, you are ready to tackle the X amount of days until you reach your "goal weight".

Sound familiar?

I know this cycle because this is exactly what I did each spring since becoming a mom. As I developed this relationship with depriving and controlling my food, I was also developing a yo-yo relationship with my self-confidence.

Have you ever done a fad diet? And if the answer is yes, have you been successful in the long term with it? I am guessing that the most common answer is a resounding NO. And have you felt like a failure because you couldn't stick with eating "healthy"?

A fad diet isn't meant for the long haul. And for me, the more and more I failed at dieting, the more I realized that diets aren't designed for the long game. You want to lose the 10-20 lbs before the big trip or by that special event, but what happens after that? How do you eat and maintain past that point? A diet builds a relationship of lack with our brains and bodies, whereas eating balanced foods that nourish and fuel your body is the best way to stay healthy and happy for the long haul. Fad diets aren't meant to heal your habits with food, they are a quick fix, and you can't band-aid a situation and expect long-lasting results. The weight WILL come back.

Fad diets almost always restrict you in some form of a food group.... and it almost always is carbs. Can I just say how important carbs are for your body??!


They not only provide you energy but fuel your muscles post-workout, and help to keep your brain functioning properly. Carbs are necessary and restricting them and only doing minimal research on your social media feed is going to be harmful to your mind and body. You see, we are a society that thrives on influence. And if we see Katie doing low carb and see her success, or just the fact that Katie has abs and wears a two-piece, we automatically think, "Oh, I want what Katie has."But what we don't factor into is the bio-individuality that each one of us carries within our own DNA.

What is bio-individuality?

Bio-individuality is a concept that was taught to me in school and that I coach my clients around. That one person's food can be another person's poison. Not all diets will yield the same result, and therefore you need to listen to what your body is telling you when you are eating specific types of foods. Each of us needs to approach our wellness from a personalized and holistic approach.

So how do you do that without fad dieting OR losing your mind?

It is a simple method I walk clients through to begin to trust their bodies again and become detectives on their own healing journey. I help clients to understand what foods work for them, what feels best, and how to incorporate more of THAT type of food into their life.

Finding what works for you is going to be the best method for a long-term solution to sustainable weight loss. It is going to be what empowers you to make better food choices and not feel guilty for enjoying treats here and there. Ditching the fad diets will allow you to live comfortably in your skin, full of energy and confidence. You will begin to give your body the nutrition it has been asking for, rather than starving it to get to a meaningless number. When you look externally for a solution, you will never have true healing from the inside out. But when you stop, listen, and become intentional about the messages that your internal body is sending you, you can begin the path towards weight loss, health, and happiness.

If you are ready to jump ship on the fad diets and find food that not only nourishes but allows you to lose the 10-20 lbs forever, schedule a free consultation to learn how my EDIT: Your Life 1:1 wellness program can help you reach your weight loss goal, naturally and effectively.

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